Interior design Bangkok

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Interior design Bangkok

Are you looking for an interior designer who can achieve your dreamy home?

Are you looking to transform your office or work environment in a cozy place?

Well, it turns out, you might be in the right place because here I am, plenty of experience from more than two decades in the business and with an impeccable Italian design approach.

I can help you to develop your desires of elegance, transforming your imprint and initial idea. In the best and most modern solution.

The interior design of excellence, tailored to each project

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Why the experience in the interior design is so important?

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Interior design services in Bangkok
As an interior designer, my long-time experience in understanding clients’ needs has given me the right perspective to create new environments, adding a personal touch and always respecting the importance of functionality, quality, and intelligent design.

My goals are to achieve stunning design concepts with the utmost accuracy and a superb eye for details.

My clients are mainly ex-pats who have invested here in Bangkok or Thailand and have purchased Condos or homes for rental purposes, or simply to enjoy life in this amazing country.
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My fluency in thai language gives me the ability to deal with my network of local suppliers and workers, to make the process smooth and with no misunderstanding or compliance in the process.

The services I offer include custom made furniture, furniture sourcing and home decoration of all living areas including bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as total solution design from inception to project completion.

Interior design Bangkok, my work as an Interior Designer

When I design a client’s home I think of designing my own and therefore I care immensely about the project down to the smallest of details.

I always work side by side with all my clients and they are involved as much as possible in every single choice we make because I love transferring my passion onto them to make them happy and relaxed in the home that we have designed together.

My style is always modern and contemporary. I like clean and straight lines and shapes with bright tones, and I might add some glamorous set pieces to the environment for a little added fun.

You can check some of my jobs here in the portfolio.

I always respect the taste and requests of my clients and I adapt my skills and taste to their requirements.

As interior designer Bangkok, lighting is also very important in all my projects and is often as important as choosing a beautiful sofa or designing a brand-new kitchen.

Interior designer Bangkok. In the city, my challenge is to find the right suppliers, but after 8 years of living and working here, I can honestly say that I have established superb business relationships with some of the most relevant and contemporary suppliers around.

I’m proud of this, and I have to say that perhaps my Italian temperament and creativity have helped a little to achieve this. Interior designer Bangkok.

Elementi Interior Agency

Interior Design Bangkok

Elementi Interior is also an imported furniture sales agency for South East Asia.
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Home decoration, and interior design service in Bangkok and Thailand, interior designer Bangkok.
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The interior design of excellence, tailored to each project

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