Brick Stone Wall Interior Design

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design are highly sought after these days and by the looks of things they are here to stay. They look gorgeous, they bring a great deal of charm to any room and as interior designer we highly recommend them as a suitable alternative to add a touch of warm class to any wall in your home or office. Having one or more of these brick stone walls can give your room a stunning and modern appearance changing the entire dynamic of the living space. Very often the brick walls are associated to rustic homes and environments that are a bit far awayRead More →


Nowadays as interior decoration Wallpaper  are getting on the rise again. As interior designer  when I get into an empty room and eventually before I start to think to the multi options we have to decorate the environment, I make a visual journey into materials first that can fit for the mood I want to create. These days we have a huge choice of them, and I like to think first about flooring and walls, how I can put a significant footprint on them to set up a nice ambiance, before drawing furnitures and going ahead with their selection. Walls are so important and quiteRead More →