The Interior design world


In the interior design world decorating and furnishing the interior of your home is not an easy and simple task. Therefore it requires a lot of planning and strategies so that the execution of the work is successful. To get in touch with a professional designer is always a good start and requires just an open-minded approach to the lifestyle we are looking for. The ability of Interior designer in Bangkok to understand the needs of the client each time and offering functionality and comfort is the key to a successful project. Consider the following checklists while you hire a professional interior decor specialist. TheRead More →

How to choose the right sofa for your home


HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SOFA FOR YOUR HOME The right sofa for your home. As an interior designer in Bangkok, the first thing I notice in a living room is the SOFA. A sofa is the heart of a living room. It makes or breaks the look of the whole living room. But you cannot buy a sofa just for its looks. The living room is very important in your house, and it gets the most traffic too. When buying a sofa, you must look for a piece that combines style and functionality. You will find a plethora of sofas in the market. ThereRead More →