Kitchen design tips


Learning about kitchen design tips is crucial to start thinking about how functional a kitchen must be. Every house deserves a well-planned, fully functional kitchen design. Your kitchen is the busiest room in your house. You cook, eat, clean, relax and entertain in you your kitchen. Therefore, it should look fabulous, feel comfortable, and be functional. That is why you cannot take any chances when planning your kitchen design. An interior designer can help you design a custom kitchen for your house.   Firstly, you may wonder: What is a Custom Kitchen? A custom kitchen is a space that an interior designer designs according toRead More →

Replica furniture


In the world of interior design, there is a lot of debate about replica furniture. Some believe it is unethical to produce replicas. Others think it is okay to replicate iconic designs when you aren’t claiming credit for it. Or, when you are not selling it as an original piece. Contact me to get info about replica furniture Contact me directly on LINE : 081 2749892  / Line ID : nicolaconti You can check my Facebook page to contact me on Messenger Consequently, for people with a low budget and great taste, replica furniture is a great way to have it all. You may haveRead More →