Working remotely as interior designer


As an interior designer, working remotely seems to be a new business frontier. Since these difficult times have started early this year, everything has changed more so the following government orders people to stay at home for safety. The pandemic and government moves have affected the ways we as Bangkok interior design industry conduct out businesses. Many of us professionals have now opted to work, for the most, remotely, offering our services virtually to offer our clients services while adhering to the government directives to minimize personal contact. It has been months now, and most parts of the world are embarking on business to normal.Read More →

Mood board for interior design


Mood board for interior design Have you seen the Mood board for interior design before? I’m almost certain you have heard if not see, or maybe if you don’t know what mood board is, don’t worry as you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I have closely examined all about mood boards ranging from the meaning to common question in regards to them. Hence will find all details you are looking for to understand what mood board means. One clear thing about the Mood board is that they have established a unique place in the interior design process. It is becauseRead More →