I’m Nicola Conti, an Italian interior designer

Passionate about design and all the beauty that nature and environment give to us, from materials to colors and all things that improve our lifestyle.

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Over the last 27 years, my career path in the furniture field gave me a complete experience in design, furniture customization, home decorations, lighting, materials research with the latest innovations and trends in the home interior industry.

I’m based in Bangkok - Thailand and even though my clients mainly come from this amazing city, Phuket and Pattaya are in my competence areas as well. You can see some of my latest works on my portfolio, or contact me now!

My story began in Pescara, Italy in late 1994 when I opened my first furniture showroom and home decorative shop, called ICE NOIR Arredo & Design. It was an innovative space with a lot of metal works inside a huge space in the heart of my hometown.

A very modern environment, modern design and outrageous collections of furniture, objects, and lighting that I can say sometimes shocked the clients who found in my showroom a gateway from conventional and boring objects and furniture like in many other furniture shops.

Italian interior designer. That was the time I learned how to weld metal and iron, having a laboratory in the back of the showroom. I used to design and build small tables, coffee tables, small libraries and objects using the raw metal, with visible welding, brushed and painted in a clear protective transparent lacquer, all done in my laboratory.

Soon clients start to appreciate my metal works, and I used to show and sell alongside other metal works that I used to buy in some areas of northern Italy and Germany, like from KARE Design, a very innovative company in which I was a retailer too.

That furniture in raw metal was innovative at that time, a new dimension in the modern design, also because the raw metal allows seeing all weldings and the nice reflex of the metal itself. I loved that, was my first goal showing the beauty of this material in the furniture business. I was a fan of Ron Arad indeed, an Israeli industrial designer and architect who always inspired me, who used the raw metal in many of his creations.

Through my frequent trips to London at that time, I even discovered strange lighting objects from a weird artisanal company called SKK, which I was a retailer for many years, alongside Innermost and Tom Dixon lighting brands, all from London, UK.

As the business grew in the years ahead I slowly turned my focus as an interior designer starting to make important jobs as turnkey offices, homes and public spaces. Home furnishing was my specialization by the way, and I started to design and sell kitchens for important Italian brands as COMPREX and CESAR.

Italian interior designer. After the total 16 years of my career path in Pescara as furniture showroom owner and designer, I had enough experience to turn and change my life, challenging myself again and leaving Italy, starting a new adventure in Thailand, as executive manager in RCD, a Thai company in Bangkok, in which I was in charge to develop and taking care of all Italian furniture brands in that amazing showroom in Thong Lor.

After 4 years in RCD, I founded Elementi Interiors Ltd in Hong Kong, an agency that imports Italian furniture brands in South East Asia. Alongside this agency, I do interior design here in Bangkok, Thailand, offering to my clients a full design service providing the best in quality and good design.


I see myself as a lifestyle missionary.
Clients hire me to make changes in their souls.
But instead of words I use the pencil to draw new shapes that will become the new reality.

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Nicola Conti

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