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Bangkok interior design tips – Renting your condo in Bangkok

In this blog, I will talk about Bangkok interior design tips after my experience in furnishing condo apartments.

Renting your condo in Bangkok will be much easier if considering decorating and furnishing it with taste and exquisite design.

When comes to plan to rent your condo for extra income hiring a professional interior designer could be very beneficial. Keep in mind you will rent your home, and the renters want to pay something worth the price. Hence, it would help if you designed your condo to appeal to the guest to rent it.

One thing is clear you will not demolish the whole house and build it again to attract the guests. However, you can get your house interior designed by an interior designer in Bangkok will get you condo designed and look inviting o the renters.

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Homeowners have started to rent their condos to guests just like the popular Airbnb or other short term home rental sites. So, if you have a home and going on vacation or have more than one home, you can start earning through renting them or it.

To make it stand out and make worthy cash out of it, you have to consider making it look unique, feel fresh, and with exceptional qualities to attract the guests. You don’t have to do much, but a little effort interior designing will make you home hospitable and appealing to the renting guests. In this article, there are Interior design tips you need to consider when thinking about renting out your condo.

Bangkok interior design tips: Make a plan

Coming up with a plan is a primary consideration when renting your home. More so, planning will be crucial to designing rooms with a new look and appealing. Start by figuring out the best room layouts features to suit your home.

To make it easier to sketch your home layout after that map out, you think your guests will use it most. This way will put an extra touch on these areas, though you will design the whole house. Figure out areas such as dining area, working space, watching and play games areas, and other areas think your guest will need. Ensure you have a designed place where your renter will sit to relax after a long day with a great view or a beautiful fireplace.

To make the planning and sketching easier for you to know why your guest is renting your home. Are they on vacation or coming in town for business? This way will assist you in planning according to your target renters. If the renter is in town for business will focus on providing appealing working space or if it is vacation will focus on providing refreshing, beautiful designing for cool relaxing.


After determining the areas to design the next nest is to consider the space your renter will require. The type of furniture they will need to use will, and other accessories will help determine the space. Get to measure the space in your home and get an accurate measure and take them with you while going for shopping then furniture’s.

When shopping for furniture, it is ideal for focusing on buying multifunctional and furniture’s which offer flexibility. If possible, it will be an advantage if you buy sleeper sofas, fold-down tables, and coffee tables that can convert to working space and desks, which can accommodate more people.

This kind of furniture will help maximize the space in your house to the renters. Also, invest in high-quality furniture because they will often be used hence can withstand the heavy use. If you don’t have enough rooms to accommodate all the guest’s storage benches, they are ideal to invest as they help to tuck away pillows, spare blankets, and other housewares.


Safety is important, and you owe your renters that responsibility. It is the expectation of the guest. They are safe as they trusted you to rent your home and, as a homeowner, should return the favor and ensure your home is a secure place to live.

Ensure your home is situated in a secure place such that the time the guest will be staying will be confident they are okay. It is your wish after the renters depart, they have a memorable time staying at your home and would wish to come back.

Safety starts with small aspects such as ensuring the staircases in your home are not shaky or deteriorating wallpaper. Is your homeroom safe? How are the doors? All these, among other questions you should ask yourself before renting your home.

Again, as a host should consider renters who are disabled such that you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure they can access all areas in the house without risks.

When designing your home for the guests, remember safety measures such as fire escape routes, emergency contacts, and fire extinguishers. Also, ensure there is enough lighting around the house that is enough lighting bed, on desks, hallways, and any other areas you know it is essential to have lighting. Keep in mind all those Bangkok interior design tips for the best safety results.


How accessible is your home? As a good host, you should inform your guest if there are unusual or special elements in your condo. In case your condo as a lot of stairs or tiny bathroom gets them to know before renting it. This way will help avoid unnecessary arguments after they have entered the house.

If your renter is coming in with the family with children, it is good to ensure sharp objects are not easily accessible. Not only are sharp objects of danger to children also keep away chemicals, hazardous cleaners, or any other object you deem dangerous.

Comforts of Home

No renter will be willing to rent your home if you offer comfort. The comfort will come when you design your home perfectly as an interior designer in Bangkok will assist you in reaching that goal. Another thing that determines how comfortable is your home is how clean is your condo.

For a comfortable home, you need to clean every room in all areas in your home. You need to pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom as these are sensitive, more used areas in the house. This way will create a freshening and inviting atmosphere in your home for the renters.

Your guest also looks forward to a comfortable stay where the stocks will not lapse before the day they have paid to stay. Among the key stock is the restroom stock. Please don’t limit the restroom quantity as it is the last thing your renter wishes to worry about. The restroom stock includes the toothbrushes, lotion, toothpaste, soap, and other essential toiletries you guests may require.

Furthermore, you can add some touches with stocking magazines or candles. If you don’t have an iron box in your home or hairdryer, make sure you inform them, but it is good to invest in one for your guest’s comfort.

Among the areas where there should be maximum comfort is the bedroom. Make sure you have extra pillows and quality bed linens. Ideally, it is good to use hypoallergenic fabrics and down-alternative pillows and blankets and low-pile mats and rugs. To improve the room air quality, consider investing house plats, air purifiers or humidifiers.

Location of home

Most home renters like to rent a condo where they can easily access the house. However, this will differ depending on why he or she is renting the house either on vacation or business. But as a homeowner, where is your condo situated? Is it located urban center or near the beach or ski slopes? All these aspects even account when designing your home for guests.

For instance, if your home is located near the beach, your design should feature coastal-inspired colors. However, don’t overrate the theme colors but ensure you have opted for subtle touches.

If your condo is located away from urban areas, ensure to put interior design featuring local flora and fauna. Don’t go for the local photography as your guests will be attracted to design featuring nature. Consider interior architecture featuring the historical significance of the area when developing the style, too.

Bangkok interior design tips: Conclusion

Designing your home doesn’t have to be hard anymore with these tips. Don’t let your condo lie unused while you are away. An Interior designer in Bangkok will help you design the house such that your guest will have a lifetime memorable experience staying at your home.

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