Lighting interior design


Lighting interior design is among the last things that gets planned while doing interior designs. Ironically, lighting is also the most important part of interior design. Whether it is interior design is being done in homes or corporate offices, lighting is the key that brings everything together. Interior design has evolved. With technology aiding interior designers, more innovative interior design services have cropped up across the globe. Different countries have different styles of the home they prefer. We can see the trends in interior design and interior design lighting becoming more universal and neutral over time. Interior designers have grown to understand the importance ofRead More →

Office interior designer Bangkok


Office design solutions, turnkey projects, office interior designer Bangkok Office Interior Designer Bangkok As an interior designer, having to turn a room with no windows and a low ceiling high into a comfortable space for working, it is not an easy challenge. When asked to design a new office for Duke Language School, I had to solve the problem of fitting 24 people in a small room inclusive of teachers and IT staff. The room felt cold and stagnant with limited space and no windows.   The interior designer job My job was to transform it into a warm, comfortable and attractive environment that feelsRead More →

Home decor


A fully Interior design turnkey job in this apartment done by Nicola Conti Interior Designer in Bangkok, Thailand. Home decor mood requested from the client “World Traveller” This video shows the home decor job done in this apartment at “The Loft” in Bangkok, Thailand.   Doing this amazing interior was a nice challenge, the client suggested to me the home decor mood “World Traveller” to follow and I have made a selection of furniture and decoration works to accomplish his needs. I played with the warm tone of the raw wood in the living room, designing a custom-made low coffee table using the old recycled railway sleepers. TheRead More →

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design


Brick Stone Wall Interior Design is highly sought after these days and by the looks of things they are here to stay. They look gorgeous, they bring a great deal of charm to any room and as an interior designer we highly recommend them as a suitable alternative to add a touch of warm class to any wall in your home or office. Having one or more of these brick stone walls can give your room a stunning and modern appearance changing the entire dynamic of the living space. Very often the brick walls are associated with rustic homes and environments that are a bit farRead More →

Wallpaper interior design


Nowadays Wallpaper in Interior Design is getting on the rise again. As an interior designer when I get into an empty room and eventually before I start to think of the multiple options we have to decorate the environment, I make a visual journey into materials first that can fit for the mood I want to create. These days we have a huge choice of them, and I like to think first about flooring and walls, how I can put a significant footprint on them to set up a nice ambiance, before drawing furniture and going ahead with their selection. Walls are so important andRead More →

functional kitchen


Our home should to be comfortable. The room that arguably is the most important for people who care about lifestyle, health and positive vibes is the kitchen. Spending a few hours in the kitchen preparing meals should be functional and enjoyable. So, how do you design a functional kitchen ? In order to realize a good kitchen project many factors need to be taken into account. The room can be just a place where to eat quick meals, or a place where to spend long hours with family and friends  cooking and chatting while drinking a glass of good wine. Even knowing the number ofRead More →