Bedroom brick Stone Wall Interior Design

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design is highly sought after these days and by the looks of things they are here to stay.

They look gorgeous, they bring a great deal of charm to any room and as an interior designer we highly recommend them as a suitable alternative to add a touch of warm class to any wall in your home or office.

Having one or more of these brick stone walls can give your room a stunning and modern appearance changing the entire dynamic of the living space.

Very often the brick walls are associated with rustic homes and environments that are a bit far away from minimalistic and modern contemporary style.

They can also be suitable to create a modern living area full of light and space. It is a well-known fact that they originate from the spacious industrial-style lofts in Tribeca, Soho, and New York, but they blend in very well with all design styles including modern  Scandinavian, shabby chic and rustic alike.

The market place offers a wide choice of these bricks with so many colors and styles available to match your style and mood.

The decoration options with Brick Stone Wall Interior Design are countless and it is very important to select the correct wall for these feature designs.

Therefore you can choose a large wall and make it a stunning centerpiece in your house or you can select a small wall hidden away in a corner of your Livingroom making it a smart and classy feature in your open living space.


Brick walls in the living room

Bricks walls look their best when applied in central and focal areas. For instance, if the TV is the main element in your living room the best place to apply this design would be the wall where the TV is going to be on. This feature will make your room more vibrant and interesting even without any additional decorations.

Brick stone wall

Brick walls in the living room


We also recommend decorating large walls behind the sofa as they make for a very stylish and suitable brick wall. If there is any pillar in the room it can be covered as well in connection with the large wall concept.


Large wall concept


Brick walls in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the use of brick stone wall is one of the most popular ideas we come across all the time. It can easily work as a splashback or can help make the kitchen a more industrial or casual area where you can spend time relaxing, cooking, chatting and having a drink with family and friends.

Brick walls in the kitchen

Brick walls in the kitchen


Brick Stone Wall Interior Design in the bedroom

A headboard wall is the best area in the bedroom for a featured brick wall.  Your room will gain extra texture and warmth and this wall will add character to the room in your house where you rest and relax the most.

Brick stone wall and interior design

Brick stone wall bedroom


Brick Stone Wall Interior Design in the bathroom

Brick wall tiles can add a distinctly new feeling of warmth to your bathroom interiors. You can try decorating your walls with white bricks, especially where the spaces available are small.

For a rustic look why not use dark or red bricks in the areas surrounding the sink or even your freestanding bathtub.

Interior design in the bathroom

Bathroom brick wall


Brick Stone Wall Interior Design in the office

A brick wall feature can bring a very modern and sophisticated touch of design and creativity in the office.

Furniture in offices is often cold and functionally minimalistic but a brick wall can help create a more inviting and friendly workspace.


Lights for stone wall

Lighting is very important when it comes to giving the right effect to a brick wall. For instance, Up-lighters are great at night and LED downlighters can enhance the beauty of a feature brick wall.

Standing lamps are also suitable as long as they are positioned at the right angle offering the right level of shade.

lights for stone wall

Polyurethane Brick and stone wall


Polyurethane Brick and stone wall

Artificial brick wall panels have been used in interior design for many years now.

Certainly, they are more practical to install and the modern technology and material used to manufacture them have made such big steps that you will hardly notice the difference between a fake brick wall and a real one.

Polyurethane is the most common material used because it is so easy to install and very lightweight.

The final result is amazing and the range of colors and styles available is huge.

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design   Brick Stone Wall Interior Design

Brick Stone Wall Interior Design   Brick Stone Wall Interior Design


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