Circle Sukhumvit 31

Full turnkey project in this apartment in Sukhumvit area in Bangkok

Circle 31 apartment turnkey project

A brand new apartment to be furnished completely from scratch, with many tailor-made features, with all the solutions and bespoke furnishings

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A mid-century environment with asian style library.

Circle Sukhumvit 31

In this apartment with high ceilings and 3 bedrooms at first the client requested to move the kitchen from the entrance into the third bedroom which was unnecessary. The new access to the kitchen was created with an innovative system of custom-made sliding doors with retractable rails, hidden and covered with composite wood panels.

Dark blue kitchen modules and veneered wood, white quartz worktop and a precious white gold Italian ceramic back make the kitchen emotional and classy.

The special paneling, the furniture, and precious Italian paintings and wallpapers make the environment elegant and with a noticeably modern character, but with an intersection of Mid-century style and Asian influences in some furniture and decorations.

The result is a perfect blend of tones and materials that characterize this spacious apartment.


A lovely project! Isn't it?

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