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16 Amazing Ways To Use Corner Shelf Units In Your Home

Corner wall shelves design

If you are searching for corner wall shelves ideas, you have come to the right place. Some think when designing your home interior, it is outdated to add the corner wall shelves. Well, they are wrong because the corner wall shelves make the house look elegant and classy. 

If you are among those who envy the beauty which comes with corner wall shelves in a house, then here you’ll get to learn different designs and select one which pleases you. 

The corner wall shelves, despite making the house look beautiful, also help manage the available spaces around the house as we live in small spaces. In addition, they are easy to install, and there are various designs available to select which pleases you. 


Recessed corner wall shelves


  1. Wooden Corner Shelves With Zig Zag Design

The zig-zag design is favored by modern, contemporary, and eclectic designers. A wooden corner shelf with a zig-zag design is available in a variety of lengths and colors.

On these same-height shelves, personal collections with similar-sized items look lovely. Remember that these shelves are not adjustable, so make sure that your products fit on them with a few millimeters to spare.


Zig Zag wall shelfs design


  1. Chic Freestanding Turn-N-Tube Bookcase

The sleek, rounded design features should blend seamlessly into any style, making this a fantastic classic 5-tier corner shelf. The height of this lovely tower design is pretty impressive. Because it is free-standing, you can move it anywhere you need it, making it an excellent alternative for those who rearrange their furniture frequently.

It can be fixed to the wall as well. These shelves are lightweight and simple to put together. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including black/cherry, cream imitation marble, and white. For a child’s room, the 3-tier option in light blue or pink would be ideal.


  1. Bamboo Chevron Space Saver Shelves

Bamboo corner wall shelves are so inexpensive that they may be considered a bargain. Any counter space in need of some corner shelves will benefit from the warm and natural tone.

Your creativity only limits the possibilities for this little corner shelf as a towel or spice storage. This is a free-standing corner shelf that can be relocated as needed and is suited for a counter. Plus, there’s no need to put everything together. This would be ideal for managing a cluttered kitchen or bathroom counter corner.

It is also useful for organizing shelves in a bedroom closet or pantry. On an office desk, these could be used as a plant stand or a paper organizer. This is the ideal tiny shelf for a beginner DIY designer because it is very user-friendly.


  1. Floating Wall Ladder Corner Shelves Design

These floating wall ladders are lovely mini-of men’s free-standing ladder corner shelf designs and require no floor space at all. They’re ideal for anyone who wants the look of a ladder shelf but doesn’t have the space for a free-standing one.

Bathrooms, bedrooms, workplaces, and craft rooms all benefit from floating wall ladder corner shelf designs. They look like a tripod easel stand for an artist.


Interlocking Box Modern Corner Shelf Design


  1. Interlocking Box Modern Corner Shelf Designs

Interlocking boxes are a relatively new shelf form that has grown in popularity over time. It features square and rectangular geometric curvatures and provides a room’s corner with an artistic and modern feel.

Before acquiring this type of shelf, be sure to measure the décor piece you intend to set on it. The height of the interlocking box shelves is not adjustable.


  1. Tall Wooden Corner Stand Design

Tall wooden corner stand designs come in various shapes and sizes, including curving shapes, straight and thin frames, and chunky heavy frames. Shelves in circular, square, or unusual hexagonal shapes are available in this corner rack design.

With these designs of wooden corner shelves, the possibilities are endless. These tall wooden bookshelf designs draw attention to areas with high ceilings.


Tall wooden Corner shelf


  1. Solid Wood Freestanding Wall Corner Design

A solid wood-free-standing bookshelf is your best option if you require a corner shelf to carry hefty and several goods. These corner shelves are wider and sometimes have cupboards to conceal your uninviting items.

The rustic style of free-standing solid wood corner shelves is stunning. Choose a white-coated or light-colored finish with feminine conceptual design and curves etched into it for a shabby chic charm.


  1. Industrial Style Wooden Corner Shelves Design

The piping framework and wooden shelving instantly enhance the industrial style. A piping-framed corner shelf looks great in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and garages.

Install them lower to the ground to serve as little side tables, or raise them higher to display candles, picture frames, and other décor items. They’re perfect for holding keys, bills, and mail as little entryway tables.


Industrial design corner shelves


  1. Simple Minimalist Floating Corner Shelf

Floating corner shelves like these are the most basic corner shelves of all time, and they’re ideal for a minimalist’s home. This sort of corner shelf allows you to modify the height of your shelf to the height of the object you set on top of it.

Curved and radial floating corner shelves and sharp-cornered and boxy floating corner shelves are simple to make. Simple corner shelves attached as a tier are also available if you don’t plan on adjusting the shelf height.



  1. Diamond Solitaire Wall Mounted Corner Shelf

 For a Boho chic look, consider a diamond solitaire form. The back of the shelf, when placed, allows wires to pass through, which is always a nice feature on any shelf.

The color selections are current and consistent on both sides, allowing the shelf to be mounted high in a corner while remaining attractive for display. It appears to float when installed with plenty of space, making it a great choice for a wall-mounted end table in a compact living room or studio bedroom.


  1. Freestanding Ladder Wooden Corner Shelf

Ladders that tapper upwards are visually appealing and make excellent corner shelves. These get an artistic flow that is missing from other standalone wooden corner shelf designs.

You can get them in unfinished natural wood or painted finishes to compliment your other home decor. Place your smaller décor pieces on top and larger pieces on lower shelves for a visually appealing free-standing ladder corner shelf.


Freestanding Wall Ladder Corner Shelves Design


  1. Geometric Metal Modern Corner Shelf Designs

The metal and wood ratio in geometric modern corner shelf designs is just right. In bedrooms, living rooms, and greenhouses, they are wonderful.

In any modern designer’s home, the polished structure and matte hardwood shelf create a wonderful equilibrium. Mixed metalwork and wooden shelving are also popular in the homes of mid-century designers.


  1. Floating rounded corner shelves

A series of asymmetrical round corner shelves with different diameters is a solution with a decidedly modern design.
They can be used to furnish corners and as a support for art objects, as well as for books.


Simple Minimalist Floating Corner Shelf


  1. Corner liquor and bar open shelves

We can build a corner shelves bar cabinet, which is also a great idea for using a corner. For instance, it allows you to insert bottles and glasses in the living room, certainly whiskey and liqueurs do not have to be stored in the refrigerator, so they can be displayed in the living room.

Glasses and goblets can be left exposed for easy use. Furthermore, the liqueurs on display inside the living room make the environment more convivial and lively.


Corner bar cabinet and shelf


  1. Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Corner Shelf Design

A rustic farmhouse corner shelf can be used individually or in groups of two or three. The more boxy the shelf is, the more primitive it appears.

In a rustic modern or rustic farmhouse style, finding substantial and thicker shelving in any type of wood species will work beautifully. Rustic charm is enhanced with square corner shelves with distressed finishes.


  1. Floor to wall metal structure corner shelving system 

If we want to furnish spaces with concave corners, we can create a system of shelves with a metal structure that rests on the ground and hooks to the wall on its top.
The design is sober and light. It also takes up a lot of space which can hardly be used.


Corner shelves interior design


Last words on corner wall shelves ideas

In conclusion, we have seen many corner wall shelves ideas for how to furnish your home corners, some are easy to make and some more demanding, which require the use of more selective techniques and materials.

The corner wall shelves are a very important part of any home interior design. They add to the look of your house, and if they are not there, they will look plain, unfinished, and even unorganized.

All the designs can be done to match the corner wall shelves. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the corner wall shelves you choose should match the house design.

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