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How to design a functional kitchen

Our home should to be comfortable. The room that arguably is the most important for people who care about lifestyle, health and positive vibes is the kitchen. Spending a few hours in the kitchen preparing meals should be functional and enjoyable. So, how do you design a functional kitchen ?

In order to realize a good kitchen project many factors need to be taken into account. The room can be just a place where to eat quick meals, or a place where to spend long hours with family and friends  cooking and chatting while drinking a glass of good wine. Even knowing the number of family members is important in order to give the right spaces to the entire area.

As those matters will be clear, shape need to be created and many ideas can come across. For small and medium environment the best solution is often a linear kitchen with fundamental technical elements (refrigerator, sink, cooking hob, hood) in a logic and practical sequence. Or in a parallel way using both sides of the room. A L shape is often used for a better  mobility, or even a corner shape with a central table.

When wide spaces are available, we can have fun with many peculiar shapes, like U shape (on three walls), like a gulf, or like an island. In the latter case the countertop can be used as working space split from the main structure, like a peninsula.

When all those matters will be determinated, a plan drawing on scale has to be done with all principal and secondary measures, starting from perimeter making notes about fix objects like conditioners or heaters, doors and windows movement.

Having at that point a clear idea about the functional kitchen, all furniture collocation must be decided.  Main concern now is about four principal matters : storage, preparation, cooking, cleaning. All those elements involved in any of those four groups have to be close to each other.

Workingtop and countertop too have a crucial importance in terms of material choice, and even cabinets and furniture must be designed with harmony in color and material mood. Internal accessories such as cutlery dividers or garbage disposal have to be collocated in a smart and useful way too.

The right lighting is another important aspect and shouldn’t  be neglected for best results.

All combinations of  those factors play a fundamental rule for a good and durable design, alongside of course quality of materials  and appliances. After all, making a nice kitchen is just like giving the right tools to the clients for enjoying life and building a good lifestyle.

Visiting our portfolio you can find some example of functional kitchen.

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