They re-structure and re-design your home, choosing your decor, your furniture, and your lighting down to the very last details.
A complete design project will also use a selection of materials that matches your mood and follows the designer inspiration.

The first week is normally dedicated to creating the concept, collecting ideas, and researching suitable materials, however this can change depending from the environment and space available. It won’t take more than 10 days to design the concept for an average size apartment.

I don’t charge by the square metre because any project is different from the next.
I listen to my clients and I try to keep within the budget that they set for me because I believe that quality design doesn’t always need to cost the earth.

No more than two months.

I am Italian. I was raised in a typical Italian family. We cared about food and we cared about cooking. It was all very traditional.
My time spent in my mum’s kitchen watching her prepare and cook food for us all has given me the ability to design kitchen in a way that reflects these experiences. For me a kitchen is a friendly and functional space that can offer the opportunity to cook and prepare great meals and drinks for family and friends. Accessibility is very important when it comes to utensils and appliances and materials and colours are the final touches that make a kitchen that great place where a family can spend most of their evening together.

I usually love designing kitchens and living rooms.

I source furniture from several showrooms here in Bangkok, and my choices are driven by the budget that I have. I also design bespoke pieces that local furniture makers can create for me meaning that we use local resources and if necessary we can save a lot of money, because unfortunately is not always possible to buy Italian furniture. I believe in local suppliers and they love working with me.

My clients are both local Thai residents and foreign property market investors.

Lighting has always been my passion and I might use lights to make a wall more interesting or a cabinet more attractive or I might use hidden LED Lights to make areas warmer and more comfortable.

I like using concrete walls if I am designing something in a very modern environment, or I might use brick walls or wallpaper if I am designing a comfortable home environment.
A bespoke book case or sideboard can also help with an awkward wall or a difficult high ceiling.

Absolutely. A challenge is what I love the most.

It is very difficult, however, my background is that of an installer first and a designer after. My experience designing and installing for my clients in my shops in Italy has given me the patience and professional approach needed to find the best people in the market place and to train them in the art of installation the way i was trained, which is with love, care and a lot of positive enthusiasm.