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How to choose a TV cabinet design

Tips for design a custom-made TV cabinet. 

In this blog, we suggest how to choose a tv cabinet design.

TV in the 21st century is one of the must-haves in a home. 

It is a playful and escape tool useful for relaxing and having fun. It also plays a very important role as a source of information.

TV are therefore widely used as a tool to meet up with relatives and friends.

The opportunities to gather in front of the big screen consist mainly in TV series, movies, and sports events.

In the last decades, the TV unit has changed, with a large flat screen that forces us to resize any cabinet that supports it.

Hence we should put our TV set in a custom-made TV cabinet. Yes, the cabinet will make even your home’s interior design look elegant and beautiful. 

Therefore the designer is called upon to place this element in the best possible way in the rooms.

I aim to help how to choose a tv cabinet design with the tips to design a custom-made TV cabinet I will discuss in this article.  No matter what kind of TV cabinet you would like to have at your home, it will get easier to choose the right one with these tips. 

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1. Cabinet size.

The first consideration is the size of your room, and of the wall where the tv is located.

This size will therefore affect the size of the TV cabinet set.

The other important consideration is the distance from where the TV is hanged or placed to where you sit to watch it.

In general, it is advisable to buy a piece of furniture for at least as long as the TV, in order not to lack elegance. If your device has a single central foot, then a small piece of furniture will do. if the feet are on the side, then we recommend a longer piece of furniture.

The last factor to keep in mind is depth. It is true that by now the televisions are ultra-flat, however, the feet often do not know. This means that you will have to consider enough depth to contain them. 

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2. Choose to hang the TV or to place it on the cabinet top.

The second important aspect is about having the TV hanging on the wall or placing it on the piece of furniture.

It seems obvious, but sometimes people forget that the choice of furniture has a profound effect on this aspect.

3. Low long cabinet and back panel as TV support

Minimal furniture is very popular these days.

A solution like a suspended long low cabinet is becoming more popular recently, with the TV directly attached to the wall. 

Also, you can build a back panel which seems a very good solution to hide all the cables.

The rear panel where the TV will be fixed can also house LED lights in the background that emphasize the surrounding wall which will eventually have to be decorated with special finishes that characterize this area.

These pieces of furniture take up much less space and are visually less bulky, and normally it is the most aesthetically beautiful solution.

The devices can be placed in the lower cabinet which can be custom made designed for this need, with normal doors, drawers, or flip doors.

The negative aspect of this choice is obviously linked to the need to drill the wall and also to practicality. 

Also, a little less storage space.

Anyway, a reliable designer can solve this issue with a dedicated and professional installation job. 

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4. Choose a wall equipped with a TV unit

Not only the TV wall units: even the walls equipped with TV units are very trendy. We start from the assumption that the equipped wall is a great convenience, because it eliminates the problem of having to find more furniture for the living room, perhaps risking making the wrong combinations, and allows you to arrange small and large objects without difficulty and with the certainty of a result.

More than satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view.

Many equipped walls are also modular, therefore customizable, and designed in order to exploit verticality as much as possible. In a similar context, TV almost dutifully fits in. In fact, most of the equipped walls provide a space dedicated to the TV.

5. Surround system, cables, and beyond

Nowadays many TV cabinets integrate a duct for passing cables, or “cable covers”, which serve to conceal cables and wires which are essential for the correct functioning of the Hi-Fi/video system, but definitely not very attractive to look at. It is, therefore, an excellent solution to say goodbye to crowded cables and make the TV corner more beautiful!

Other features allow you to gain in terms of discretion and elegance. An example of this is the drawers, niches, shelves, and all the spaces designed to accommodate Sound Bars, DVD players, modems/routers, decoders, game consoles, and other devices.

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6. Surround with shelving.

The idea of surrounding the TV with shelves is no new. But you can make it look fresh, which will also make your interior design look good. When acquiring your custom-made TV cabinet, they should be designed with shelves. 

On the shelves, fill in with books and other special objects. However, don’t fill in the shelves with too many books making it even hard to get the book out whenever you need it. Fill some books vertically and others horizontally. 

7. Frame with a shelf. 

If you don’t like custom-made TV cabinets with shelves, you can consider installing a shelve above the TV to make it not look lonely; more so, it will make your room’s interior design beautiful and done by a professional. Try to have the shelf closer to the top of the TV and fill it with books and objects. 

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8. Hide within a gallery wall.

Hang a gallery-style series of prints around the TV to give the eye something to look at other than the Huge Black Box. If space is tight, you might also integrate a desk and computer into the arrangement.

9. Tuck into a custom nook.

If you have a slanted ceiling or another uncomfortable space, it may be worth a professional Custom-made TV cabinet that perfectly suits the space. When designing a recessed area for a TV, consider whether you’ll want to upgrade to a larger screen in the future. Allow for flexibility in your strategy.

10. Angle into a corner. 

When you have several focal points vying for your attention, it can be best to put the TV in the back seat. A wedge-shaped custom-made TV cabinet tucked into the corner isn’t the most creative solution, but somehow it serves its purpose. If the rest of the room is as well-designed as this one, no one will notice the TV till it’s time to watch it.

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11. Choice of materials.

The materials used to create your design TV cabinet guarantee both in terms of unique style and excellent durability.

Wood is always a noble and easy-to-maintain material. For modern furniture, veneered wood is used. An alternative solution is certainly the use of laminates of which today the market offers us a wide choice, from normal solid colors to fantastic surfaces with a metal effect, to all types of wood or even stones or complex patterns.

Metal and glass are always a good option but better mixing with the above-mentioned materials, in a best-balanced manner as possible.

12. Offset with tall lamps or vases. 

If you have a wide TV and designed a wide Custom-made TV cabinet, you should consider paring with Lamps, which are slightly taller than the TV.  The lamps will make your room’s interior design look excellent and also appealing.

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Final thoughts on how to choose a tv cabinet design 

With the above tips, now you have a better idea of how to choose a tv cabinet design and install the tv in your environment.  Ideally, you need a custom-made TV cabinet to make your interior design elegant and have somewhere to hang the TV. 

The above considerations or tips narrow down to your preference and how your room looks like and size. Draw some inspiration from the tips, and you don’t have to worry about the cabinet because you can get reliable custom-made furniture if you trust your designer and his expertise.

Remember, you can get custom-made furniture in Bangkok no matter your preference, and make your home elegant and functional

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