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Concept design in 3D environment with realistic visuals and eventual rendering

Spaces optimization and full perspective on how to solve sizes matters in all living areas

Furniture customization and unique realizations of custom-made solutions

Kitchen projects and realization

Furniture selection and purchasing





Special interior solutions as featured walls, innovative wall decorations, panels and brick walls

All matters regarding interior and living solutions

All-inclusive turnkey rental packages available.

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Interior design services

As an interior designer, I offer many services as above mentioned, taking care of all matters from the first approach on-site, to the final steps of installation of all furniture and home decorations.

My goal is to deliver a full service and a good and reliable job to my clients, who most of the time do not have the skills and time to arrange their homes the way they want it.

My long time experience even in installations brings me to deal with all sorts of problems and inconveniences that are often occurring on-site during installation.

A deep understanding of furniture, fittings, and installation methods are a significant part of my skills, and dealing in a decent local Thai language with installer team staff assure me to deliver a perfect job.

Interior design services. I believe that nowadays a professional and quality service is a must in every field, and more so in the interiors and furniture sector.

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Interior design services. I believe that nowadays a professional and quality service is a must in every field, and more so in the interiors and furniture sector. This is particularly the case here in Thailand, where it’s not easy to have a reliable and professional job done by local companies. This is due to many aspects, from lack of understanding of technical matters, poor workers attitude and low experience, to improvisations and approximation.


In my experience here in Thailand in last previous years I have seen so many cases like that, where workers even do not have tools to install furniture, just poor screwdrivers or even none, hanging heavy cabinets on wall using wrong plastic wall screws and even not using water level tool to keep straight cabinets, using very ancient methods to do the job. I felt frustrated many times like being in a different era here in Thailand, make me becoming a teacher on-site explaining how to drill the wall or how to install furniture to Thai workers.

To assure a good and professional job I’m always on-site and check all workers and installation during the process, to ensure all matters going in the right way, and of course, I keep on working with my professionalism and a scrupulous attitude to work only with professional companies that give me the feeling to work like in Europe, with those standards, as I always used to work.

A special mention goes to my custom made projects and pieces of furniture, that in most cases are really made as unique pieces tailored and bespoken for the environment, like cabinets, tables, sideboards, library, TV and storage cabinets, wardrobes, kitchens and so on.

In fact when I have needs of custom-made furniture and when I cannot find and purchase in the various showrooms and places where I find the furniture I like to design them, using my creativity with amazing materials and drawing in exact sizes matching the area’s mood. It is really awesome for me and my clients really appreciate this service, as they enjoy special and unique design pieces in their environment and homes.

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