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Kitchen design ideas

 Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is one of the places in your home you must visit every day. Hence it would be best if you made it look elegant to enjoy being there. But you will enjoy being there if you get to design the kitchen. We understand the need for an elegant and beautiful hence have chosen to share with you Kitchen design ideas to make your kitchen a place where you can spend most of your time and love there. 

Even if you’re searching for new fresh kitchen design ideas, there is certainly something you can draw from this article. We’ve highlighted the latest and trending kitchen design tips to make your interior kitchen look new again. 

The kitchen design tips in this article will leave your friends questioning how you came about to design your kitchen. More so, the interior design of your kitchen will leave memories in their minds. 

Thus, it is prudent to check out these Kitchen design ideas to make it hard for everyone who visits your kitchen hard to forget. 

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1.Painted cabinets. 

No matter what style of the kitchen, a painted finish is a distinctive trend in the cabinet. In addition to the classic white, painted cabinets are a very noticeable trend, with various colors being spotted.

Blue is a common option for kitchen cabinets, whether as an all-over color or as a complement to a more neutral scheme. It’s technically a cool color, but it’s also a happy color that many people adore, so it’s a natural option for those that want to experiment with a less-neutral painted finish without taking a gamble they’ll regret.


2.Add Wallpaper to your kitchen design.

It is not only the living room where wallpapers fit. It is understandably many people are afraid the wallpaper will be ruined by food and oil splashes. But when you add any wallpaper but not coved with glass, you have nothing to worry about. 

The wallpaper will make your kitchen look lively, and it stands among the best Kitchen design ideas to adapt to a beautiful kitchen interior.  Furthermore, you will have your kitchen wall look admirable.

Kitchen design ideas | Wall paper | Elementi Interiors | Bangkok interior design

3.Functional lighting. 

Designers have long emphasized the value of good lighting. People are adopting layered lighting in kitchens in a big way, thanks to ever-improving technology and the kitchen being such a central fixture of the home.

LED under cabinet lighting and elegant recessed ceiling lights cast an even wash of light over your counters, making the room feel larger and assisting with delicate tasks such as chopping. With the addition of a few pendant lights for ambiance, you’ve got a perfect three-point lighting scheme for any kitchen.


4.Exposed ceiling. 

Your kitchen ceiling also matters. One of the best Kitchen design ideas as far as celling is concerned is to remove a low ceiling and reveal the raw wood rafters.

It may look awkward, but it is an idea several people have embraced, and they have their kitchen with enough fresh air. Even if you don’t want to remove the ceiling, ensure it is high enough to allow enough air circulation in the kitchen.

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5.Improve what you have even though not new. 

Even if you are trying to make your kitchen look as elegant as possible, it doesn’t mean you have to get everything new. You can style your old items in the kitchen, like painting the kitchen wall to make the Kitchen interior design look new, and improvise everything else in the kitchen. You’ll save a lot, although you may buy a few items to add to the kitchen as advised by a professional designer. 


6.Storage Matter, the More, the Better.

When thinking of Kitchen design ideas, I cannot forget to mention storage. You have many things to store in the kitchen ranging from groceries to the kitchen accessories you buy like a refrigerator. 

Thus, you ought to have enough storage space for all these items and have enough space to work while in the kitchen. The more storage space you create, the better. 

Kitchen design ideas | Storage | Elementi Interiors | Bangkok interior design

7.Style Kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen cabinet will change how your kitchen looks. Hence you have to style the cabinet with assistance from a professional designer—fine wood is the best to use when designing the cabinets and can beat the feel and look. 

Additionally, you can style them with amber glass knobs and above the windows with arts and crafts.  Having a stylized kitchen cabinet is one of the kitchen ideas imperative to make your kitchen look beautiful. 


8.Under-mount sinks.

Since the under-counter style removes seams above the counter that can trap crumbs and debris, it is extremely functional. The style is understated, but it has the kitchen’s bold features and helps maintain a clean, modern look that says you pay attention to the finer details.

Undermount sink | Elementi Interiors

9.Custom cabinet wall system. 

The other kitchen design idea to think about is to consult with a professional designer on how to create massive cabinetry. The cabinetry will look better if it has units that span three levels of the home. 

It doesn’t matter how your kitchen looks, but this idea will give your kitchen an unforgettable look. 


10.Transitional style.

In the near future, the transitional decor will reign supreme in kitchen design, with true traditional styles falling out of favor. Transitional kitchens combine traditional and contemporary elements to create a room that is both rich and welcoming, as well as current.

A transitional kitchen’s laid-back vibe pairs well with other minor fashion elements like furniture-style islands and open shelves, allowing you the freedom to obey conventional rules when they fit you and break them when the mood strikes.

Contemporary style

11.Add Curb Appeal.

The first impression always matters on all occasions. Before even someone entering your kitchen, it is important to send a signal on how your kitchen looks. Thus, you have to make your front yard tidy by keeping the flowers or the plants look impressive and maintain them. 

Besides, you can choose to have some plants before entering the kitchen. The plants’ choice also matters; hence choose ones that are easy to maintain and with appealing colors. 


12.Single-lever faucets. 

The beautifully basic single-lever faucet is a perfect complement to an apron-front sink or any type of sink. The simple silhouette of this hacking style is suitable for a Contemporary Kitchen. 

More so, it provides an intelligent modern counterpoint to traditional elements to achieve a transitional look. Search for models with a subtle hand spray to achieve multiple features while still retaining the sleek and simple look.

Final thoughts. 

It is our hope you have learned something new from these Kitchen design ideas. These ideas will help make your kitchen elegant and classy. You don’t even worry about doing the work as you can get to hire a professional designer in Bangkok to do the work for you. 

Besides, the professional will help know the cost and suggest even bolder ideas to make your kitchen the place you have always dreamt about. 

You can also refer here to the following link about kitchen design tips, for more insights.


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