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Lighting in the Interior Design World

Lighting interior design is among the last things that gets planned while doing interior designs. Ironically, lighting is also the most important part of interior design. Whether it is interior design is being done in homes or corporate offices, lighting is the key that brings everything together.

Lighting interior design

Interior design has evolved. With technology aiding interior designers, more innovative interior design services have cropped up across the globe. Different countries have different styles of the home they prefer. We can see the trends in interior design and interior design lighting becoming more universal and neutral over time.

Interior designers have grown to understand the importance of lighting in any design. More and more customers today are demanding a ‘natural look’ in their home. This consists of adding in light fixtures that can be closest to the natural light without disrupting the homeowner in any way. Certainly, Interior design lighting can truly enhance the ambiance of a place.

Lighting interior design

To get perfect lighting, interior designers will have to measure every bit of the room; including what the outlook of the room will be after the furniture has been brought in and arranged. Therefore planning the room down the tea will help plan the lighting better.

Lighting interior design

Light can be treated in different ways by different lighting interior design according to the space made available to them.

Some of the tips to plan lighting include :
  • Use Downlights across the house
  • Bring in strong statement lighting by adding a chandelier
  • Consider a unique look for bedtime reading. Homeowners can add reading lights beside their bed that is attached to the wall. It no longer has to be a table lamp.
  • Add backlit splashed to augment or highlight the color in any particular part of the room.
  • Avoid using ceiling lights on extremely high ceilings.
  • Layer the lighting. While planning lighting for your home, consider a mix of light and dark tones. Layering the lighting especially comes in handy in living rooms and the dining area.


The interior design in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is highly influenced by a variety of factors. A modern Thai style house today blends global and Asian influence effectively and efficiently. Modern homes today in bustling cities of Thailand such as Bangkok especially have grown to find a unique look with a limited place that is made available for the homeowners. Interior designers from Bangkok have been focusing more on finding ways in which they can provide that natural lighting into spaces that are otherwise built-in surrounding that may not allow natural lighting into the home. Loud wall lights can appear to be a burden and can seem fussy to most people.

Lighting interior design

However, investing in good high-quality LED lights can be a huge benefit for the organization. A reliable company and showroom in Bangkok is Lamptitude, they have a great customer service and support.

 Lighting  Interior Design

There are many interior design services available. And each of them will understand that lighting interior design in a building can make or break the interior design project. As stated earlier, lighting is always the key.

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