Manhattan Condo Chidlom

Full renovation in this apartment in Chidlom area in Bangkok

Manhattan Condo renovation

For the renovation of this old apartment in Bangkok, the owner asked a complete job from scratch for full interiors with plenty of custom-made solutions.

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Bathroom with wall paper Instabilelab and round mirror

Manhattan Condo Chidlom

In this two-bedroom apartment, the client requested a complete renovation with many custom cabinets for his model collections and a spacious kitchen. The blend of materials was done with precision and care to maintain a neutral tone, with many gray patterns. Stone laminates, bronze panels, dark quartz counter-piece, and handmade Italian spatula wall finishes characterize the spaces. The kitchen has been renovated by taking advantage of the movement of a door by changing the access to the laundry from the entrance corridor. A bespoke Italian fiberglass wallpaper for the kitchen backsplash gives a flawless touch with a charming design. The bathroom in the master bedroom has been completely redone with a super-modern touch, with grey ceramic tiles and wood, plus a cut round mirror on the suspended sink cabinet. Particular attention has also been paid to the entire recessed ceiling lighting system with an innovative magnetic track system.


A lovely project! Isn't it?

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