Modern furniture in Bangkok wall paneling.

Modern furniture in Bangkok

Your office or home is a place where you spend a sizeable amount of time of the day. It gives immense pleasure to work or stay in a place if it is inviting and with great ambiance. Moreover, furnishing it and looking for modern furniture in Bangkok can also be fun.

The furniture that is used in the place lends it a specific character and helps define the mood.

Many may still like contemporary furniture. However, as an interior designer, I recommend modern furniture in Bangkok to be one with the current times and trends.

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People often have queries about shopping.


To find modern furniture store listing in Bangkok, one can easily search the internet for location-specific stores near you. Besides, as your interior designer, I will recommend some shops that will fulfill your requirements.


As an interior designer, I will guide you to what suits best for the mood and functionality, after inspecting the site, and having detailed discussion to understand your needs. Remember, the choice of furniture is essential, keeping in mind the utility and specific function of the place.

To guide you further, let us look at some modern furniture options available in Bangkok.

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There are many modern furniture stores in Bangkok, Thailand.

However, I am listing some names that keep a superb collection in every category like sofas, wardrobes, kitchen furniture, beds, tables, and others.

Some of them keep branded furniture that adds a different dimension of elegance to your place.

Browse through their sites to understand what they have to offer and select what suits your needs.

The styles are simple, clean-cut, and non-clutter. The furniture fulfills the functionality, yet offers ample open space to get that clutter-free feel.


Euro Creations is a store that showcases luxury furniture from imported elite brands across the globe, mostly Italian furniture.

They have three outlets in Bangkok, and besides furniture, they boast of an exquisite collection of lighting fixtures, accessories, and objects.

They also keep home techno-gym training equipment. The shop has a good collection of both indoor and outdoor furniture.


DM Home spell luxury personified. They have unique hand-crafted pieces from top brands from all over the world and continuously keep upgrading their styles to be in tune with modern times.


RCD Design Center has thoughtfully designed utility furniture for kitchen, great value walk-in-closets, wardrobes, and centerpieces (tables).


CDC (Crystal Design Center) is an integrated district area to get an insight into modern architecture samples, interiors, and decorations. The stores in the 24 buildings showcase a vast collection of elegant furniture, bathroom fittings, and accessories, kitchen, and lighting.

In addition, in the designed area the are many facilities, as a conference and exhibition space and offices.

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When we talk about furniture, it is certainly not limited to indoors. Outdoor furniture for the garden and poolside is equally in demand.

For instance, outdoor furniture needs to be light, easy to move around, and one that keeps the openness of outdoors intact without being too imposing in the surrounding.


Kenkoon is the name that comes to my mind for vast outdoor furniture collection. They keep sofas, chairs, tables, accessories, and gazebos.

Their modern cane-look relaxers and comfortable gazebos make numerous outdoor scenes. Their furniture is very neat and simple lines that give a feel of roominess. Moreover, they also do projects with custom-made solutions and outdoor personalized furniture.


Hawaiithai is another place that offers different styles through their signature collections like INNG set collection, Andaman set group, and Hamshire set collection.

The Hamshire collection has a basket sofa that is perfect for indoors and outdoors.


Every individual is keen on getting the best possible material and furniture to make their living or workplace a comfortable and memorable place to be in.

Some fancy contemporary and antique furniture. Yet, due to the heavy price tag, it is not possible to indulge in the originals.

Do not despair, as replica furniture comes to the rescue and fulfills your desire for an elegant setup. So long as they are not cheated and sold as originals, there is nothing unethical about creating replica furniture.

Original, crafted pieces are complicated to ship from the point of origin. However, if a client desires to acquire a particular design and has budget restraints and shipping issues, then replica furniture solves these problems.

It is easier to get the design replicated locally to avoid shipping and other expenses. Over and above that, the replica saves a lot of money and is easier on the pocket. Certainly, you get the satisfaction of getting a classy piece for decor.

That is to say, see also my blog post all about Replica furniture, where you can find the history of the Classic design masterpieces and many useful insights.

Replica Furniture in Interior Design


Nathan Rhodes Design is a distributor of quality replicas of the original. They take good care to use high-quality material similar to the original design. The shop has a wide selection of the masterpieces of the design, which are called the Classics of Design. Many iconic pieces like the Eames lounge chair or the DSW chair are displayed in the showroom, therefore you can try and sit on it.


For some, simplicity is beauty personified, and for others, a luxurious spread spells grandeur and status.

To cater to the fancies of my clients, I rely on Arkitektura. 

This outlet has a collection from Ralph Lauren Home, Calvin Klein Home, Poggenpohl, Dornbracht, Arclinea, and other luxury brands.

They have a good collection of kitchen, accessories, lighting, bathroom, and furniture that can be seen in elite homes across the globe.


Chanintr prefers keeping modern American designer’s creations along with some European fare from Italy, France, and Spain. Here you can find the renowned Italian sofas from Minotti, one of the best sofa brands in the world.

Some of the brands that they showcase are

  • Ethnicraft
  • Emeco
  • Kettal
  • Hickory Chair
  • Herman Miller
  • Minotti
  • Maruni (Japan)
  • Mcguire, and others.


As an interior designer, it is easy for me to understand the client’s exact needs!

I would do every presentation after they go through different catalogs.

I come up with suggestions they wish to incorporate in their place.

Modern Furniture

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Why select modern furniture for office/home décor?

The main reason for selecting modern furniture as against the contemporary one is that it is sleek and comfortable.

With space constraints in many cases, for instance, the use of heavy and bulky contemporary furniture is not advisable. Modern furniture being compact and light is more comfortable to move around when needed.

Secondly, the simple lines and color combinations used to accentuate the design adds a modern touch of class to the place.

Besides these factors, modern furniture is designed to offer maximum utility and comfort to the user.

It occupies minimal space, hence lending open and free feel to space.


How does modern furniture in Bangkok change the outlook of the client?

More than anything else, modernity also spells simplicity. By utilizing quality material, if one can craft simple yet elegant and functional furniture pieces, then why opt for stocky furniture?

The present-day mantra is “keep it simple and neat.” Modern furniture fulfills these criteria and thus is gaining popularity with the clients.

Furniture that can be custom-made to suit your pocket.

Custom-made solutions give the pleasure of owning classy replicas. They occupy less space to give an airy appearance to the room is any day welcome by style-conscious people.

In conclusion, you can check here my latest blog about custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture in Bangkok

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