The Estelle - Phrom Phong

Luxury apartment in Bangkok’s downtown fully decorated and furnished

The Estelle apartment fully decorated

Brand new apartment completely furnished with plenty Italian furniture and bespoke decorations for a unique cozy and luxury ambiance.

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The Estelle living room | Segno table with Vela chair Reflex Angelo

The Estelle - Phrom Phong

In a dense area of Bangkok, this condo stands out for its modern design and outstanding facilities.

The completed apartment is full of custom-made decorations with suggestive design solutions. The high-end furniture are almost all Italian of renowned brands with very high workmanship manufacturing quality and design.

Almost all the loose furniture was carefully chosen by the owner at the beginning of the project and blended into the decorations created around them.

Warm tones have been chosen for all colors and decoration, with modern accents such as concrete finish walls and double walls with backlighting.

The finished apartment has an impeccable modern Italian style and lush design, where soft lines and decorative graphics intersect.


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