The Link 5

Full renovation in this duplex apartment in Downton area Bangkok


A complete apartment renovation with walls demolitions and new smart electric wireless connections, plus all-new custom-made interior solutions and furniture.

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Kitchen and partition wall | Parallel vertical timbers | The Link 5

The Link 5

In this duplex apartment, the client asked new look with new spaces to enjoy his life with the latest technologies and amenities.

We had to rearrange the space with wall demolitions and new partitions, caring choice of the material with accurate taste and the latest trend in interiors, enhancing the “homie” feeling with warm tones and modern touches all over
The concrete wall finishing is greatly blended with wooden parallel timbers that divide the kitchen from the living room.

An Italian bespoke fiberglass wallpaper for the kitchen backsplash gives a flawless touch with designed glasses and bottles.

The wall behind the sofa has a geometric cut with loft-style brick walls and RGB lighting with LED downlights.

Furthermore, the lighting was created with particular care with a new recessed ceiling magnetic track lighting system with LED spotlights.


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