Having a warm and well decorated and furnished apartment or house that is also valuable for rent it’s what many clients are looking for with their properties here in Thailand. Making nice homes is my goal, and with this package, I offer a 100% turnkey rental service to develop your real estate investment to its full potential, with all accessories and all small details placed and furbished in the right way, from bed sheets, bath towels to all kitchen accessories like cutlery, dishes, glasses, pots and so on. For foreigners who do not live in Thailand but own Condo or properties and are looking for high returns from their investments, I offer a very professional turnkey rental service all-inclusive. Photo service is also included for listing in the estate agencies. Take a look at some of the most recent projects on my portfolio, or get in touch now.

My career as an interior designer and my previous experience in Bangkok, Thailand, developed my attitude to offer a complete service for those clients who invest money in the real estate field, most of the time clients who are sophisticated and have a good taste in lifestyle. As above mentioned I offer a full package all included, meaning that the Condo owner who wants to reach the best in return from his investment has nothing to think and worries having back a professional turnkey rental service all-inclusive.

I work side by side with my client by the way for every choice and detail, involving them in every aspect of the project, from beginning to the end of the service. As a designer, after the main furnishing matters and decorations, like furniture, wallpapers, special painting, curtains, lighting and so on, I’m able to deliver all small accessories and decorations in the home, managing all aspects and details, respecting the project harmony.

I do take care of all bathroom accessories, kitchenware, bedroom accessories and bedsheets, electrical appliances as TV, laundry machine, kitchen appliances, taking care of all matters from purchasing to being on-site when delivering and making all checks and testing products purchased for warranties issues. In a few words, all tasks are my own and I’m responsible for all technical aspects for the item chosen in the apartment. This is a very valuable service and is worthy of the final result, making happy the clients who want to rent their Condo and have no time or maybe they are living abroad, not having chance to do that. Condo or homes will be ready for rent after this service, having everything in the right place.

Bangkok is always a sparkling area for investors and property rental, as many foreigners live and work here. Renting homes or condos in a valuable and profitable way is the main concern of my clients who own properties, and making a nice and warm environment gives added value to their business and profits. That is my task, giving them, with reasonable prices, satisfaction from a professional job, respecting quality and budget, giving also a priority to the beauty of design with an impeccable taste. [/expander_maker]

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