Vertical garden in Bangkok

Vertical Garden in Bangkok and Indoor & Outdoor Design

The vertical garden in Bangkok is the trendiest way to add greenery to any living space. In the modern world, urbanization and limited space are the challenges for homeowners and building owners. Therefore, to grow an outdoor garden, a vertical garden is a perfect solution.

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In the world of interior designing, we are always trying to find optimal solutions for enhancing a living space. A vertical garden allows everyone to have their own green space. It is, therefore, a popular trend for residential and commercial buildings.

What is a vertical garden


What is a Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden is an innovative growing system that can be attached to any surface. You can attach it to a wall in the interior or exterior of a building.

In a vertical garden, the plants root in structural support that attaches itself to the wall. The vertical support provides water and nutrition to the plants. In this way, the plants can grow and flourish on the wall instead of the ground.

decorating your vertical garden

A vertical garden is also known as a green wall. Professor Stanley Hart White introduced the concept of a green wall in 1938. But, Patric Blanc, a French Botanist popularized and modernized the idea. He developed indeed the modern vertical hydroponic gardens in the ’80s.

Vertical Garden in Bangkok


Benefits of a Vertical Garden:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Design Solution:

When decorating the indoor or outdoor of a building, Interior designers come across a lot of challenges. One of the most common challenges is limited space.

Consequently, it becomes our job to provide the most innovative and practical solutions.

Fortunately, vertical gardens provide a better solution. We can now beautify any commercial and residential building.

In commercial buildings, everything is exquisitely designed but also looks mechanical. A vertical garden adds the perfect refreshing touch of green. The idea is getting very popular in Bangkok. Resultantly, a lot of companies are establishing vertical gardens in the interior of their buildings.

Vertical garden

In any urban setting, limited space or commercial surroundings make it difficult to grow a garden. A vertical garden is a perfect solution. Due to its versatility, you can set up a green wall on both an indoor and outdoor wall.

  • Space Optimization:

I cannot stress this enough that today, as our living spaces are getting crammed. Moreover, there is less space to set up a garden. Whether you want to add some kitchen plants or just add to the aesthetics of your house, the vertical garden is the best solution.

Vertical garden, green wall

A vertical garden takes minimal space. And even the space that it takes is mostly just the wall space that goes waste. As a result, by putting plants on the boring walls vertical gardens can provide a dynamic solution.

  • Thermal Insulation:

A vertical garden is also a great way to save energy. The garden wall keeps a living space comparatively cooler in the summers and warmer in winters. This provides an added advantage of thermal insulation to your building.

Moreover, by providing temperature insulation, you can save on your energy bills. Therefore, a vertical garden is the most environmentally friendly solution. It is a great way to save energy while decorating your walls.

  • Improvement in Air Quality:

Plants are a great natural way to purify the air. They absorb harmful pollutants and volatile organic compounds from the surroundings.

Additionally, you can enjoy the benefit of better air-quality by setting up a vertical garden.

benefit of better air-quality

  • Perfect Outdoor Design & Decoration:

Vertical Gardens can not just be attached to walls, but they can be attached to any architectural surfaces. Therefore, you can use them to uniquely decorate the exterior of any building.

Choices are endless with these beautiful green walls, and you can go as imaginative as you like.

Famous Vertical Gardens in the World  Famous Vertical Gardens in the World


Famous Vertical Gardens in the World:

Before we start talking about the vertical garden in Bangkok, let me tell you that the trend of vertical gardens is popular in the world.

In addition to that, commercial building owners use the idea to design and decorate the outdoor or exterior of their building.

If you are still wondering how a vertical garden can be used, these famous vertical gardens the world will surprise you.

So, get ready to be in awe and say Wow!!

  1. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore:

The super-trees in the Gardens by the Bay are a perfect beauty. They show how a vertical garden can enhance the exterior of any space. Each super-tree is an individual vertical garden that is 9 to 16 stories tall.

These uniquely designed trees look like the national flower of Singapore, Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim.

Garden by the Bay Singapore

  1. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain:

The 40 feet tall ‘Puppy’ vertical garden outside the Guggenheim Museum is another amazing example. It is the perfect fusion of art, architecture, and botany.

Artist Jeff Koons designed the famous white terrier model covered with flowering plants.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

  1. Sereno Hotel on Lake Como, Italy:

The famous hotel in Italy has an outdoor green sculpture that was designed by Patrick Blanc. It rises above 35 feet and includes more than 1000 plants. There are also two other vertical gardens with 5000 plants.

The beautiful green sculpture and vertical gardens add a refreshing touch to the exterior of the hotel.

Vertical Garden Sereno Lago di Como

4.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco:

Another awe-inspiring example of a beautiful vertical garden in the world is in San Francisco. Designed by David Brenner, the green wall features a collection of more than 40 species of plants including flower plants, ornamental plants, and ferns. The massive vertical garden is 30×150 feet and adds an amazing green touch to the museum exterior.

San Francisco Museum Modern Art

5.  Milan Vertical Forest:

The vertical forest ( Bosco Verticale ) in Milan is a recent project from Stefano Boeri architects. It consists of two buildings that housing a total of 800 trees and 15,000 perennials ground covering plants for an equivalent to 20,000 square meters of woodland and undergrowth, concentrated on 3,000 square meters of urban surface.

The Vertical Forest, the new symbol of Milan,  is the home for trees that also houses humans and birds. His technological and urban characteristics define a revolutionary way to combine architecture with nature and alive organisms.

Milan vertical forest


Vertical Garden in Bangkok:

The trend of vertical gardens is spreading in Bangkok. People are trying to add some green life to their indoor and outdoor walls by setting up a vertical garden in Bangkok.

Vertical garden in Bangkok

A lot of commercial buildings have embraced the beauty and benefits of a vertical garden in Bangkok. Some of the most famous vertical gardens in Bangkok that are popular in the world include:

  • The multi-layered lush vertical gardens in Siam Paragon.
  • The vertical gardens spreading throughout the Emporium Shopping Mall.
  • The beautiful spiral vertical garden with hanging stems in Emquartier.
  • The green wall poles of the Esplanade Shopping Mall.

Evidently, the idea of a vertical garden is getting popular. Therefore, it is no wonder that a lot of commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, apartment buildings, and corporate offices are installing a vertical garden in Bangkok.

EmQuartier Bangkok garden


Who can install a vertical garden in Bangkok?

Vertical gardens are not for commercial buildings only. Anyone can install a vertical garden in Bangkok. You can get it installed in any kind of living space. No matter what the shape and size are, a vertical garden can enhance any indoor and outdoor surface. Moreover, it can augment the interior and exterior decoration of the place.

Install a vertical garden

Install a vertical garden


5 Reasons People Love a Vertical Garden in Bangkok:

Over the past few years, the idea of a vertical garden has become more popular. As a result, a lot of homeowners and commercial building owners have shown immense interest in vertical gardens in Bangkok. There is a great demand among people to set up vertical gardens in different spaces.

Interior designers across the world are raving about this trend because it adds so much to space. I have already shared the benefits of a vertical garden with you but here are some more reasons to love a green wall.

Vertical garden pool

  1. The Best Designer Solution for Interior & Exterior:

A vertical garden is the best way to decorate dull and bland walls. Imagine walking into a house, the empty walls of the foyer or the entry-way will make the room look so dull. Now replace that bland wall with a plant-covered one. The lush greenery adds a refreshing and fascinating quality to the interior.

In the same way, to decorate an outdoor wall, the vertical garden can be an easy solution. Setting up a vertical garden in Bangkok can make your space look beautiful, trendy and add more quality to your surroundings.

Vertical garden building

  1. Vertical Garden as a Stand-in Art:

A wall covered with beautiful greenery can serve as a great statement piece in a building. When you set up a vertical garden artistically, it can serve as art to add the perfect elements to your room.

In a vertical garden, we can add ferns, bushes, leafy plants, flowering plants, and ornamental plants. You can choose to have a lush green wall or a multi-colored wall full of flowers. A good designer can help you mix the right colors in perfect proportion and style so your walls can turn into stand-in art.

Vertical garden Bangkok

  1. Design & Functionality:

A vertical garden is the perfect fusion of beautiful design with many functions.

  • A vertical garden improves the air quality of your atmosphere.
  • It removes harmful pollutants from the surroundings.
  • It absorbs VOC (volatile organic chemicals) from the air.
  • A green wall is a great way to decorate indoor and outdoor space.
  • It is an ideal solution to add some privacy between two spaces.
  • A vertical garden can also produce food.
  1.  Add Dimensions to Space:

A unique quality of the vertical garden is that it adds dimensions to space. By getting a vertical garden in Bangkok, you can enhance the space and make any room look bigger.

  1. Bring the outdoors inside:

Another great advantage of installing a vertical garden is that you can bring the outdoors inside. Most people love greenery as it adds a sense of tranquillity. With the ease of putting up a vertical garden in any space, the choices are endless.

Moreover, you can also add some greenery to your bathroom. Furthermore, you can make your living room look more naturalistic. Installing a vertical garden can serve your aesthetic needs.

Living room vertical garden

Final Word:

It is no wonder that the idea of a vertical garden in Bangkok has become immensely popular. A lot of people are looking at this great fusion of art, architecture, and botany. It is a great solution to add design and enhance the functionality of your indoor and outdoor walls.

Quotes :

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust


“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and the soil and sky as canvas.” – Elizabeth Murray


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero

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