Vinyl flooring in Bangkok and their benefits

Vinyl flooring in Bangkok and their benefits

If you are looking for Vinyl flooring in Bangkok, and forward to styling up your house floor, Vinyl planks or tiles are the best options to use. People all over the world have positive reviews about these luxury and beautiful flooring products. They are easy to maintain, versatile, and durable.

You will love choosing vinyl products because they are cost-efficient life proof, and easy to maintain. Also,  you will save a lot of money when you use these Vinyl planks or tiles instead of using hardwood and ordinary tiles.

First time to hear about Vinyl flooring? Do not worry because you have to the right place. All details to know about these vinyl flooring and their benefits are here well described. The first thing you need to know is that the quality of vinyl products differs.

Some people view them as not better than wood, ceramic, or stones. However, that perception of a small percentage compared to a higher percentage who love to use vinyl products. To help you get to decide if to use vinyl flooring or not, consider reading this guide up to the end.

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What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring refers to waterproof and more durable flooring materials that look like hardwood or stones. There are two types of Vinyl products luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and Luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The two types come in different designs, sizes, and manufactured by different companies.

This vinyl material is an imitation of various natural surfaces manufactured from refined distressed wood where slate, stones, and marble are concreted. Each luxury vinyl plank or tile is made of a number of layers and padding.

The layer’s thickness and composition differ from others. It is one of the key features which bring a variation of these luxury vinyl products. The difference between layers also affects the quality and how comfortable it will be and the durability of the floor.

Vinyl flooring in Bangkok Elementi Interiors

About Luxury Vinyl flooring products layers

Under the layer by layer, it is essential to have a deeper understanding of the luxury vinyl flooring. Here are all the details about vinyl flooring layers, which constitute planks and tiles, respectively.


The first layer in luxury vinyl flooring planks or tiles is called the wear layer. As the name suggests, it is the outer layer that wears after some time due to floor traffic and furniture pressure. It is important to ensure to check the wear layer thickness when shopping for luxury vinyl flooring. The thickness is measured in millimeters.


The second layer below the wear layer is a photographic layer. It is a layer that gives the wood look or stone plank look and the encaustic look in tiles. The look comes from a digitally imprinted paper which is attached to this layer.


The third and last layer is the core. It is composed of fiberglass or thick vinyl mixed with a plasticizer. This is the layer that gives the plank or tile stability and also provides cushioning. It ensures you are comfortable when you walk on the planks or tiles. Different companies Attach more material on this layer like underlayment.


Whereby the leading Vinyl flooring in Bangkok recommends, you ensure you shop for 16 mm.  thick luxury vinyl flooring for the heavily used places and 5 to 10 mm.  for the residential home or house. Thickness determines the durability of the product of the planks or tiles.
The wear layer is further protected with a urethane coating and also embossed with knots and textured grain. These additional materials make the plank or tile match what it is imitating.

Layers vinyl flooring

What to look for when buying luxury vinyl flooring

There are several companies fracturing Luxury vinyl plank and tiles. However, all of them are worth buying. Here are features to look out for if you are looking for the best vinyl flooring in Bangkok.

Rigid-core vinyl

The first thing to check out when buying luxury vinyl flooring is rigid core vinyl. The material used to get the tiles rigid is important because they have a reinforced engineered stone or wood core.

Tiles or planks made of sturdy core layers are the best because they are more durable and dent-proof than those made of vinyl only. More so, you can install these rigid core vinyl tiles or planks on top of the existing floor easily.

Design enhancements

There are those luxury Vinyl tiles or planks which are grouted. These are tiles that mimic limestones with additional strips added. They are ideal to buy if you would like to install beautiful tiles or planks.

Luxury Vinyl tiles

Where to install Vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring can be installed in several places around your house. The Vinyl flooring is waterproof, and maintenance is easy. It is a suitable flooring even for your pets or kids and where there are spills.

Consider to install them at your kitchen, bathroom, mudrooms, playrooms, and entries because they are waterproof. You don’t have to worry also about scratched because they are resistant and also provide traction.

Benefits of installing Vinyl flooring

The benefits of installing Vinyl flooring

There are several reasons as to why you should install vinyl flooring in Bangkok. Not only benefits from the elegance or luxury of these luxuries vinyl tiles or planks. Besides, they are more durable, affordable, and come with different designs. Here are more reasons or benefits of installing luxury vinyl flooring.


Luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for installing to your kitchen or bathroom. You don’t have to worry about the water because it cannot damage these vinyl tiles or planks. Despite various luxury vinyl tiles and planks, most of them are moisture-friendly, and cleaning chemicals cannot damage them.


If you have a place where there is a heavy traffic place like in the kitchen, luxury vinyl flooring is the best option to install. These vinyl tiles and planks are rigid hence more durable despite heavy traffic.


The luxury vinyl flooring price is reasonable from the price tag at the market, considering the benefits. Additionally, the cost to install is cheaper than other kinds of tiles or planks in the market.


The material used to manufacture luxury vinyl flooring makes the planks or tiles more durable. This materials cater the heavy foot traffic, exposure to water, and resistance to scratches and flame.


You don’t have to worry about cleaning the luxury vinyl flooring because nothing can stick on the floor. They are protected, but you can go ahead and give them deep clean whenever need be. Please check here the best ways how to clean Vinyl floor planks.

The bottom line

If you are convinced to install Vinyl flooring in Bangkok, you have made the right decision. There are so many things not to worry about your floor, more so they stay long without repairs.

When installing this luxury Vinyl flooring at your home, ensure they are safe. Remember, some of the material used to make these tiles or planks can emit toxic organic compounds. You can check if the product re-certified from a third-party certification website FloorScore.

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