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The Wallpaper in Interior Design in Bangkok

Nowadays Wallpaper in Interior Design is getting on the rise again.

As an interior designer when I get into an empty room and eventually before I start to think of the multiple options we have to decorate the environment, I make a visual journey into materials first that can fit for the mood I want to create.

These days we have a huge choice of them, and I like to think first about flooring and walls, how I can put a significant footprint on them to set up a nice ambiance, before drawing furniture and going ahead with their selection.

Walls are so important and quite often they are the key to a correct approach to the design matters of our homes.

Wallpaper in Interior Design is, for instance, an important contribution and a popular way of achieving different textural and patterned effects to add character to rooms.

Wallpaper interior design

The ever increasing variety of wallpaper textures, patterns, and colorways make it easy to add a new element into your home, giving a clear sign of strong character and an impressive clue.

Alongside the traditional wallpaper designs, which are in the market offered in thousands of patterns, colors, and textures, these days wallpaper murals are getting very popular, which consist in art images, panoramic photos, landscapes, textural backgrounds, nature scenes, or simply amazing patterns designed with an artistic and undoubtedly sense of beauty, charm, and innovation.

For instance botanicals, wallpaper has been a recurring trend for several seasons, as nature has always had an omnipresence in the design, even in urban environments the force of nature enhances man-made structures.

wallpaper murales


Incorporating botanicals into our spaces help us to think clearer, inspire us to eat healthier and encourage us to live greener.

Another trend is crystal healing images that create a variety of atmospheres balanced with the energy associated with crystals, some of which are relaxing with a mindful healing effect but can also be styled to be modern and chic with an interior flair that makes a statement.

Wallpaper interior design

A remarkable brand and specialized in wallpaper murals are Instabilelab from Italy ( www.instabilelab.it ) which I used in my latest jobs.

The murals are custom-made on size for fit in the wall like a big well-balanced picture, depending on pattern and drawings.

Their concepts are an amazing interpretation of a wall mixing textures, photos or drawings to create smart solutions, attractive and unique. Even if they have a huge and really attractive selection in their collection, it’s possible to print their own and personalized textures or drawings to fit the needs of interior design for private spaces or commercial areas, with an impeccable and innovative touch.

Custom-made furniture

Nice graphics and well-balanced scenes are a keystone for a nice impact in the environment when the concept fits with all furniture and decorations, helping to make a unique and outstanding atmosphere.

contemporary loft bespoke furniture

Naturally in those cases, the choice of furniture has to be a bit minimalistic just to not make interferences with the entire concept. Adding a few glamorous pieces sometimes gives the final touch to the whole picture givin’ that sense of uniqueness that makes our lifestyle outstanding and out of the ordinary schemes. After all, this is the goal of good design and a well done Interior design job.

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