Working remotely as interior designer

Working remotely as an interior designer

As an interior designer, working remotely seems to be a new business frontier.

Since these difficult times have started early this year, everything has changed more so the following government orders people to stay at home for safety.

The pandemic and government moves have affected the ways we as Bangkok interior design industry conduct out businesses.

Many of us professionals have now opted to work, for the most, remotely, offering our services virtually to offer our clients services while adhering to the government directives to minimize personal contact.

It has been months now, and most parts of the world are embarking on business to normal. But there is something this rough time in history has impacted the future of interior design. Several interior designers have realized that offering their services virtually has a positive impact and don’t intend to stop offering these services.

In this blog post, you are reading now, we want to try to investigate how working remotely as an interior designer is a new business frontier. The main question we’ll try to answer is how the future of interior designers has been impacted by this situation.

Working remotely as an interior designer saves time

In reality, any redecorating or remodeling project, like the design and installation process, needs to be completed in person. However, Bangkok’s interior design has found that virtual meetings are incredibly effective for checking designs, analyzing inspiration shots, and going over the design processes.

The team can share their screens remotely and communicate just as easily instead of making time for both parties to come together and discuss one computer screen together. For instance, renders and digital images help to understand very clearly the design scenes and the materials used in the project.

Render and digital images

The new move to do everything remotely is something Bangkok interior design doesn’t intend to opt-out any soon even after the business return to normal. Virtual conference meetings have been effective. Furthermore, the clients are more comfortable and can avoid distractions, such as finding places to park, driving, traffic, and other stimuli.

Working remotely with clients has helped them save time, which implies money saved. There are no traveling costs incurred but only have to pay the designer per hour.

Adopting working remotely has to be as smooth as Bangkok’s interior design. It has taken some time to get used to the trend of a virtual meeting. Costs are incurred, such as renovating offices, expanding the use of virtual tools, buying cameras, and other expenses.

However, with patience, everything has been transformed and adapted, working remotely as a new norm. Staff members have been able to interact with clients remotely by accessing virtual conferencing. All these changes have helped clients save time, money, and energy.

Clients have adopted the new trend

We all adopted new trends to stay safe and work remotely. It is the same case as interior designers in Bangkok, so the clients have continued making progress in adopting the virtual conferencing.

It is worth noting that most clients didn’t suspend their projects, rather they adopted the call to work from home, and they have been collaborating with designers successfully. Communication is key, and through virtual meetings, clients can communicate with designers and be informed, which makes them happy.

No one wishes to risk life, and the clients have understood things have to move on and adopted working remotely. There is a road map on how to contact Bangkok interior design, making it easy for clients to know the next step.

It is even amusing to work remotely and get everything done. As an interior designer is a new business frontier, and clients are pleased to continue with their work while adhering to guidelines to keep a social distance.

As designers, you should know that clients have adopted the norm of working remotely, and they understand. Everyone is worried about health concerns, and today clients are looking forward to meeting with designers online and work on their project remotely for safety purposes.

Virtual tools

Better collaboration

One way or another, working remotely through virtual designing has resulted in better collaboration between designers and clients. Clients can view what the designer can offer remotely, step by step, take through the designing process with the aid of video conferencing, and clients love it.

There is a better-understanding of trust between clients and designers. Clients are today leaner to know what designers will provide, which is not in most cases when dealing with clients face to face. Implying clients have taken concern to guide designers what they want to be done throughout the designing process leading to better collaboration.

As clients love the new approach of working remotely with designers, it means it new business frontier. There is convenience, and most clients are happy with virtual meetings, so expect more requests if you are interior designers.

There is no traveling and other hectic trying to get to interior designer offices, and clients appreciate that and love working from the comfort of their home. Even other family members are consulted, for better decision making.

Ability to integrate all virtual tools

There are several interior designing tools which have not been of more use as it is right now. These tools include mood boards, digital plans, and idea books.

The virtual meetings have been effective as interior designers can share screenshots and draw plans digitally effectively with clients.

It is easier to work remotely with clients and complete his or her project. The two of you can screen-share notes, inspiration images, and sketches. All possible through the integration of interior designing tools.

To some extent, virtual meetings with clients and integration of interior designing tools have boasted the focus on detailed photos and drawing designs. Clients admire this new approach and would wish to work like that in the future.

mood boards

Potential New client base

Virtual design is a new chance for a wider clientele to market for and attract. Virtual services have always played a role, but they will play a greater role in the future. If they choose this option, designers will possibly incorporate virtual meetings into marketing for potential customers.

Designers will have to utilize digital product packages as tools to supplement broader project architecture. It is better to focus on getting three separate time consulting packages with time blocks in a flat fee that can be prepaid and bought from the website. For larger virtual projects, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or remodels, use a flat design fee but focused on scope size rather than package situation.

Final thoughts about working remotely as an interior designer

Several designers have noticed that as people spend more time at home, they are potentially attracting new customers. People see their homes with open minds and would like to make their homes more attractive places to spend so much time in.

Staying home tends to make us all aware and thinks more than usual about our immediate surroundings. It also allows us to draw up plans for everyone. This is the perfect time to lift your phone or send an email, explain your ideas, and ask for a quote for the projects you’ve always imagined.

The switch to remote working and video calls has, in reality, simplified the creative process for others. Holding initial meetings over a video call and basing plans on virtual house tours may become more cost-effective in several respects, something that has already been popular in the last few months.

Customers are on board that they have embraced the latest approach to reaching out digitally to designers, and that implies working remotely for interior designers in a new Frontier business.


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