The Interior design world

The Interior Design World

In the interior design world decorating and furnishing the interior of your home is not an easy and simple task. Therefore it requires a lot of planning and strategies so that the execution of the work is successful.

To get in touch with a professional designer is always a good start and requires just an open-minded approach to the lifestyle we are looking for.
The ability of Interior designer in Bangkok to understand the needs of the client each time and offering functionality and comfort is the key to a successful project.

Interior design in Bangkok

Consider the following checklists while you hire a professional interior decor specialist.

  • The service cost.
  • The quality of the work execution.
  • The experience, skill, and qualification of the specialist.
  • The repute of the service provider.
  • Customer feedback and reviews.

New design projects in the interior design world

Most of the time designers are facing empty apartments or homes that do not have character. The ability to give the right mood to the environment using right color tones, materials, custom made furniture, loose furniture lighting, and all matters are the main task. The world of interior design can be such an amazing creative task.

New design project in the interior design world

Designing the kitchen

The most important room in the house is the kitchen because it provides the lifestyle, health and positive vibes that are essential in a modern home and has to be functional and enjoyable.

With the proper planning, your designer can make it serve all your purposes. Above all there are certain things he has to pay attention to like the floor and wall space available, the shape of the kitchen and the storage options you would have in it.

Designing the kitchen in the interior design world

Planning the storage space

Having the right storage area keeps the kitchen well organized and makes cooking hassle-free. Use the wall space judiciously so that you get enough space to store the things.

Right storage area

The design solutions are influenced by the available space. For example, a small area will benefit from a linear kitchen design perhaps using both sides of the room to install appliances and storage compartments.

If the space available is large then the U shape with an island is a recommended solution where the counter worktop can be used as both a working area completely divided from the main structure even creating the peninsula effect.

Planning the storage space in the interior design world

Kitchen appliances, choosing the right ones

Appliances form the most important aspects of a kitchen as they help you in performing the task of cooking and serving easily.

You may like high-end appliances and want your kitchen to look professional but that would come with a hefty price tag. The two factors that you have to keep in mind are the budget and layout.

high-end appliances

Cooktops are the basic cooking medium used in most kitchens. Refrigerators are the next important thing. They take up a lot of space and hence should be bought after giving a lot of thought.

Next in line are microwaves, kitchen sinks, and dishwashers. Shop according to your budget. Talk to your designer to find out more about appliances and the ones that would fit both your kitchen and budget.

Kitchen mood

Coloring the kitchen doesn’t mean only painting the walls. You have cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and the floor too.

The key is creating the right balance. You can have white walls along with gray cupboards and pops of color on the island and counter to create a cool look.

Living room

These days, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the home.
Making the right proportion is an important element in the world of interior design.
Most designers use an equation 2:3 ratio. In other words, for example, a coffee table should be two-thirds of the length of the couch, and the couch should be two-thirds of the width of the area rug.

Living room in the interior design world

Layout is crucial, the designer goal should be to create distinct groups of furniture, like sofas and coffee table and side table area, TV wall cabinet and library, entrance area divided from the living using partition walls or semi-transparent structure with some greens and plants.
Using colors and tones with soft impacts like beige and natural color can be an idea for a relaxing area, some likes white and bright mood, some sophisticated and luxury all around.

luxury all around

Wallpapers and wall decorations as brick walls or fabric panels can be an added value and a good help to make nice decorations.
A nice living room, speaking as professional interior designer Bangkok, is one of the best areas to care in an entire project because of his convivial meaning. Is the place where to stay comfortable with friends and family sharing our best life indoor moments.


Now let’s get into the bedroom area and look at some considerations :

  • The bedroom in your home is your oasis.
  • It is a relaxing place to escape from the never-ending pressures of life.
  • Consider investing in a made to measure closet that can be customized to your liking.
  • Art is also vital and even so in the bedrooms where typically small design elements can add to the visual interest such as paintings or lights above the bed or a chaise long in the dressing area.

Bedroom area

Texture and textiles

Space and our perception of it depends a lot from the way we use interior design techniques. For your main master bedroom, the feel must be warm and cozy but also elegant and unique. This can be achieved with the correct use of textiles and fabrics like your bedding where you can layer multiple materials from down to silk and even shearling to create a room that you will never want to leave.

Statement pieces

Bedrooms are often neutral spaces because we want to create a calming environment where we can send a good night’s rest however statement pieces can help add an atmosphere that can be both calming whilst retaining a certain level of balance and class.

Bold color schemes are fine if you bring your personality touch into the room.

Bedrooms are often neutral spaces in the interior design world


The bathroom must be comfortable & functional & easy to use.

It needs attention to detail and bathroom fixtures that can help create a sanctuary that suits your needs.

To have a wet zone and a dry zone in the bathroom can help with that sanctuary feeling. It’s a good idea to always keep a good amount of space between the wet zone and the dry zone also to add a sense of space and a feeling of peace to the bathroom of your dreams.

The toilet should always be in a separate area for more privacy, perhaps adding a corner water closet that contains the toilette or builds a partition wall right next to the bathroom as this usually works well in a very busy household.

Bathroom sink

The same can be said about adding larger sinks or shower plates or rounded bathtubs. Only if you have space or keep it simple with a shower over a bath if space is limited. In addition, just add a small frosted window for added natural light or install a skylight if you don’t want to have any privacy worries.


Lighting in interior design is the key factor to achieve a great final result bringing everything together.

For this matter, you can easily go to my previous blogpost who talks in details about lighting in interior design world

In conclusion, what is Interior design world 

Interior design is a creative and multi-faceted profession to achieve an aesthetically and healthier pleasing environment for the people.

Interior design is the art of enhancing public or domestic interiors. Finding and creating solutions that are functional and increase the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive.

It includes research, conceptual development, space planning, research, drawings, selection of colors materials and finishing, functional.

It includes also a selection of furniture and fixtures safety, costs and project budget, jobs coordination and time schedule on-site.

An experienced interior designer offers those services performed in a professional way to satisfy the client by producing an interior space that fulfills the project goals.

Interior design websites

In short, follow a list of some interior design websites to get ideas and inspiration and to get into the interior design world :

How to become an interior designer

Follow  websites to introduce a renowned Italian school of interior design and few tips on the matter :


Inspiring quotes from top world interior designer

“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union”

Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Looyd Wright


“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Billy Baldwin Billy Baldwin


“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.”

Charlotte Moss Charlotte Moss


The details are not the details, they make the design”

Charles Eames Charles Eames


“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space.”

Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid

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